Zwischen uns die Wildnis

A father struggles to connect with his young son.
Living with old values of what masculinity means he is unable to show his love to his son.

Cast: Anno Koehler, Ruben Thaleikis-Carstensen, Marcus Calvin, Mathes Dues

Director, Writer, Producer Vincent Ercolani // Producer, 1. AD Nicholas Dues // Producer Philipp Friedrich, Cara Honert // Co-Produktion Spektrum Film – Jan Czmok // DOP Mauro Pinterowitsch // 1. AC Leander Kupferer // 2. AC Jean Pierre Pellissiere // Sound/ Sounddesign Kevin Sliwinski //  Editor Vincent Ercolani & Nicholas Dues // Make-up Lisa Speer // Costume Michelle Hoffmann // Set-design Julius Farwick, Lisa Mausbach // Runner Tim Reinhold, Luca Hollenberg, Jan Rudolf // Catering Paula Schuppert

Support Dropout Films, Filmwerkstatt Münster, ZDF Fundus, Staatstheater Koblenz, Fabula Tecklenburg, Burgeramt Trier, Lecker Mate, Bäckerei Werning