Produktion / Coming-Of-Age / SCIFI


A new world where aliens and humans live together. Where the term „earthlings“ describes all nationalities, and extraterrestrials are accepted as normal immigrants. In this system, every alien must wear a DNA bracelet device „Hellebore“ according to the alien integration code and collect social credit points (reference: codebook with corresponding credit table). Once all the points have been successfully recognized, one can apply for a terrestrial status. In this way, the device helps to avoid errors and to give earthlings a feeling of security. If you do not follow the rules, you must leave Earth. Almost every planet has managed to integrate successfully, except one. A talented alien inventor, Rick Apelscord from the planet Grit, is the first to get permission to integrate on Earth. On earth, he has to get to know the new world, to understand earthly, absurd bureaucracy, and somehow establish himself as an inventor. Some things change, however, when his bracelet stops working properly and breaks down all the time. Rick is wanted by alien integration rangers and must find a way to earn the points quickly so he can stay on his dream planet.

Starring: Florian Stündel, Kathleen Renish, Jacob Engelmaier, Götz von Vogelstein
Written and directed: Veronika Bolotina
Executive Producer: Geraldine Rodriguez
Dop: Malte Röthig
Musik: Sebastian Schell
Editor: Florian Eisner